Small Groups

Growth Groups are a valuable (and in many ways an essential) tool in strengthening the overall impact of our church ministry. Our church mission statement reads: “To lead all people in a growing relationship with Christ.” These groups help us to reach that objective. They do this by meeting together in smaller groups for prayer, fellowship, personal encouragement and spiritual enrichment, and for Bible study.

It’s our desire that each group would use the weekly insert (including sermon notes, devotions, and discussion questions) as a resource for their study together. Research has shown that sermon—based small group study is one of the most effective ways to make disciples and enhance church unity. This is because it uses something that is a part of the regular routine for those who faithfully attend Sunday worship. It’s not a distraction or something extra to add to our schedules like an additional (separate) Bible study would be. Over the next 2—3 weeks we will be emphasizing and explaining how you can become involved in a growth group. Please be watching the Sunday bulletin and your email for more information.

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