June 2022 Mission of the Month – Lac Courte Orielles

Boozhoo Niichii,

  Happy Ziigwan/Spring!  Happy indeed! the snow is melting, the rivers are flowing, the snow is …, the birds are singing, snow, the cubs and kids are waking up and making their way back to the Shack, … MORE SNOW!?  Anyways, I’m ready to move on from winter.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy the changing of seasons is with a daily walk with the dogs.  As Gus and Oodie led the way today, I started a game of pick-up sticks thanks to our recent ice storm.  The dogs were not amused and ran off the path and into the woods.  As I slowly cleaned my way down the path, I was happy to see Oodie come back and cheer me on, or so I thought.  It took me a few minutes, but I suddenly realized that the dog hanging out with me wasn’t Oodie at all.  It seems I started my walk with two familiar dogs and finished it with a complete stranger.!?  It all ended with a friendly meet and greet back at the Shack.

  Here on the Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation, we walk out daily paths and routines with each other.  And it seems there is a lot to clean up after the season that was/is the pandemic.  Many that we walked with pre-covid have left the path and the hope is that as things get “cleaned up,” we will meet again.  Still others have joined us on this journey centered around Jesus.

  A new venture begins with spring in the air.  Food!  If you cook it, they will come.  This isn’t completely new as most gatherings we have also include food.  In this relational ministry we walk out here as the Church, we are looking to bring old and new, young and elderly together around a meal … meals.  Pray with us over this meet and greet with our neighbors near and far.  The hope is to do a weekly meal all the way through the summer and see where it might and who it may lead us to.

  Another way I enjoy the changing seasons is in a canoe.  It was a treat for me to share the river with our InterVarsity crew from UW Eau Claire again this year.   They spent their spring break blessing the community here with their time, energy, love, and prayers.  Miigwech to all of you BluGolds (whatever that is?)!

  All of you basketball fans I assume are currently enjoying some March Madness.  I had the privilege of experiencing madness for a whole season again this winter.!? It was another good season with half the players finishing it out.!?  The connections were great and the basketball wasn’t bad either.

  Speaking of madness, the Boys and Girls Club could use some prayer.  This open door to the community is currently filled with kids bouncing off the walls and staff bouncing out the door.

  Your prayers are also appreciated as people struggle here in not so healthy ways.  Pray that I/we will help usher in health, hope, and  healing all wrapped up in God’s love, as we meet people where they’re at. 

  You and your prayers are very much appreciated.

   Your partner in Christ,


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