May 2020 Missionary focus: The Krause Family

Thanks so much for the important role you play on our ministry team through your prayers. 

Since I sent out our last  Praise and Prayer Points letter less than one month ago, things have greatly changed world-wide because of the Covid-19 crisis.  I personally have been dealing with this Covid-19 crisis for nearly 3 months.  Starting in January, I was tracking and working with our staff and partners in Asia, making decisions about postponing or canceling travel and ministry events because of this epidemic.  Now the impact from this virus is in full swing here in the USA where most of you live and where I live.  It certainly is disrupting our plans, but not God’s plans.  This virus did not surprise Him, rather I believe He is using this for His purposes.   May God enabling you to keep your eyes on Jesus and not on the circumstances and may He show you how to point others to Jesus, our only anchor in times of uncertainty.

How are you doing?  How might we be praying for you during these days?  Barb and I want to hear from you and pray for you so please drop us a quick email and let us know how we can specifically pray. 

Praise Points

  • Praise God for the gift of Jesus Christ through whom we are brought back to God and through faith in him we have eternal life!
  • Praise God that He is with us and he will never leave us or forsake us even in this time of a global crisis.  Thanks that we do not need to face all that is happening in our world alone, but God is with us!
  • Thank God that He is using this current crisis to advance his purposes. 

Prayer Points

For upcoming ministry and situations:

  • The coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic – Ask God to stop the spread of this virus that is causing many to get sick, some to die, but even more to be very anxious and fearful.  Pray for many opportunities for our Asia staff and partners to point people to Christ who is really our only hope and strength in times of uncertainty.    
  • Pray for wisdom and strength for me and our other ReachGlobal and Asia Division leaders as we seek to come alongside our staff and partners to help them process what they have been experiencing during this Covid-19 crisis and to equip them through some simple trauma care training to care for others.  Pray for listening ears to hear from God as to how to adjust our ministry strategy andmethods during this time and going forward into the future.
  • Millions of people in Asia are daily wage earners who are not able to work right now, so they and their families are struggling to get food with the current lockdowns in place.  Pray for wisdom for our Asia staff and partners to know how to respond appropriately.  In some places our staff and Asian partners are distributing food to families in need.  Pray that those who are receiving this food will see that this is the hand of Christ providing for them.
  • These past few weeks have been very intense and I have felt more exhausted – this is typical of what happens when people are in a crisis – which we all are in.  I have had a lot of extra online meetings to address all that is happening related to the Covid-19 crisis, plus the regular coaching and other ministry responsibilities has made for full days.Pray for continued intimate times with the Lord, regular physical exercise, sound sleep at night, times and ways to get emotional rest, and a good pace in the leadership responsibilities I carry.
  • We have 24 people that are in the pipeline to serve with ReachGlobal in Asia as either long-term and short-term staff!  This is an answer to your prayers! For many months now I have been asking you to pray for more workers to be raised up to serve with our ministry teams in Asia.  Ask God to supply their financial and prayer support needs so that they will be able to move to Asia in the coming months.  Humanly it feels like a difficult time to be raising support with all that is happening with the Covid-19 crisis – but with God all things are possible. Continue to pray for more workers to be raised up from our EFCA churches and sent to serve with our ReachGlobal ministry teams in Asia.   Pray Matthew 9:37-38

Thanks for standing with us in prayer!   Please drop us an email so we know how to pray for you!

Andy Krause

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