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May 2020 Elders Report

In last month’s newsletter, Desmond wrote beautifully about the hope we have in our faith, symbolized by the new spring season upon us.  This month, I want to reflect a bit about another new season in our lives, a new chapter, none of us has experienced previously. It was not on anyone’s radar. It came as a surprise, with the suddenness of a mid-summer’s storm. In a matter of weeks, our lives have been turned upside down, and we are trying to make sense of it all, how it impacts not only our daily routine, but how it may impact our future.

There may have been feelings of fear, anxiety, sleeplessness, and even despair. Yet, this is the time where we trust in our Sovereign Lord. It does not matter how the plot line twists and turns; our eternal destiny is secured by placing our trust in Jesus.  God, as always, will use this for good; He has gotten our attention.

Families are learning how to shed the distraction of the world and focus on expressions of love–nurturing and growing their children God’s way, caring for and encouraging friends and neighbors, and serving our vulnerable parents. More than ever we are learning to share our burdens within our church family.  God is using this time to allow us to more deeply experience the love of the Savior reflected in how we love one another. It is such an encouragement to see this acting out of our faith.  I am so thankful to be a part of this family. Thank you for extending grace to one another and being an encouragement for each other in our faith.

I wish to give a big thanks to Pastor Greg, Lisa, Mary, Pastor Blake, Nicole, Ken, Kayde, Frank and all the others who have worked especially hard in this environment to keep us connected as a church. Our priority in the short run is to provide a safe environment for our community of believers as we meet to worship.

We are assembling a working group and praying for the decisions we should make to bring us together again safely. In the weeks and months going forward, the staff and Elders will assess our ministry and how we must change to reach a lost world, with a new reality. Our creativity will be challenged, and it may be difficult. We cannot do this without the sharing of the gifts and talents of our Congregation.  We will seek your input, and make reasonable, wise decisions on how we can regroup together in person.

Please keep us informed of your needs, and your ideas. God is good, He loves us, and wants what is best for us. We in turn, are called to seek His wisdom, pray, follow, and grow His Kingdom.  Please know that we take seriously our responsibility to care for our church family both spiritually and physically.  We will keep you informed of plans and respect your decisions about in person participation as we learn how ‘doing life together’ has changed.  At least for this season.

 Rob Fox for the Elders

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