March 2020 Missionary focus-Jim and Ginger Moore

For those of you who don’t know us, we are Jim and Ginger Moore. We were sent out by Appleton E-Free Church twenty-one years ago to join Wycliffe Bible Translators.

You have supported us all these years with prayer and finances, and we would like to say “thank you.” Without you, our ministry would not have been possible. We are still involved in getting God’s Word to people who do not have it. The following is a glimpse into my current projects.

Who are you?

I have no idea how he heard about our organization. We really do not advertise our products and services outside our own related organizations. The email I received was from someone requesting our services to build a phone application and was somewhat cryptic.  It made me a bit wary. I wrote the person back to get more information. When I received his reply, the adventure began.  

Jared (not his real name) asked me to build a mobile application for a group of people in a region of the world that is not normally open to Christian material. This language community was not Jared’s primary focus, but a community nearby. They were mainly oral learners, so he did not want any text in the        application, just pictures and audio. Jared had access to Bible stories (in audio form) in their language. I had done an application like this as a test for someone else, so in theory I was pretty sure it would work. I told him I would be willing to try. Jared was very appreciative and made the pictures and audio available to me. He said that he really wanted to do something for the community he was working directly with, but could not access the translated material. After some time, working back and forth with Jared, we built an application which was well received by some in the community.

A few months later, Jared asked if I would make some minor changes to the application. I made the changes and put the application back on the Google Play Store. He also asked me to pray as he was going to ask again for permission to use translated Scripture and Bible stories for the language community he was working directly with. Up to this point, they were not willing to give him access. Soon after, he met with those who had the material he needed and they granted him access!

Enthusiastically, Jared told me that when he demonstrated the application that we had built for the first language community they were excited! They wanted an application like that one in their language and immediately gave him access and approval to use the material. Now Jared is readying the materials for the mobile application for the language community he is working in.

Prayer Requests

  • Jim is traveling to teach a workshop. Please pray for his travel and that the trainees develop inspiring websites that promote the use of Scripture in various forms.
  • Jim was hospitalized in July with a minor stroke. He has recovered and is on medication. Please pray that the doctors can determine the cause and that he will not have another.
  • Ginger has been working diligently to ready her parents’ home in Georgia for rent. Pray for quick  completion and for good renters.
  • Natalie has received a fellowship at Edinburgh. Pray for her and Francis as they work out commuting, housing and future opportunities for them both.
  • Abby and Sam continue in Greenville, SC. Pray for Sam as he completes his PhD.
  • Mitchell is working in Raleigh, NC. Please pray that he would manage effectively and for God’s wisdom in decision-making.

Thank you!
Jim and Ginger Moore

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