Forest Lakes District of the EFCA- We Are Better Together!

Forest Lakes District of the EFCA MISSION:

We exist to strengthen our member churches so that together we may multiply transformational

churches among all peoples. 

Our strategic values:

· Connect:  Create environments for relationships.

· Equip:  Offer resources and training.

Multiply:  Support the multiplication of disciples, leaders and churches.

Our VISION is to enable multiplication by:



The foundation of everything we say or  do is our personal relationship with all pastors and lay leaders

 in the District.

· Personal contacts between District staff and pastors/lay leaders


· Consulting and coaching

· Training

· Staff issues (hiring, evaluating, compensation, etc.)

· Disciple-Making,  Leadership Development, Elder Training

· Crisis Intervention and Conflict Management

· Conferences, Retreats, Special Events


· Church Health Assessment

· Visioning and vision casting

· Pastoral Health (Ministry Support Program)


· Placement Services (including interim pastors, pulpit supply)

· Credentialing (licensure and ordination)


The Forest Lakes District is VALUE DRIVEN:

· To build relationships with and between churches, pastors and leaders that …

· To offer or recommend resources that …

· To help maintain or refocus the efforts of the local church so that …

· To fulfill our responsibilities in a way that …

enhances the leadership and ministry of each pastor, leader and church member toward the fulfillment

of the Great Commission.

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