September Missionary of the Month

Our team’s goal is to give every college student in the state of Nebraska the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.  We are centrally located in Lincoln and branch out to all of the campuses in the state.  Some campuses we coach from a distance others we visit on a weekly basis.  My role is to coach all of the female new staff, interns and part-time field staff.  I spend time with each of the gals on a weekly or every other week basis. We share our faith together, encourage each other in our walks with the Lord, pray together, and talk about how to grow in their job with Cru.    

I’m married to Andy Tetschner who is a conversion manager at a banking software company here in Lincoln.  We share a passion for international ministry and are praying that God would continue to bring international students into our lives and home so that we can share the love of Christ with them.   

Prayer Requests:  

-Pray that students would hear and respond to the gospel across Nebraska.

-Pray for students to come to the Bible Studies that are kicking off on campuses. Pray that people would come and encounter Jesus through the Bible, and community.  

-Pray for me as I navigate life as a mom, coach to the staff women, and wife.  Pray that I would walk closely with Jesus and rely on Him and not my gifting and talents. 

With Joy,  Nikki

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