May 2022 Elder Report

Practical Prayer Practices

As we experience the change in seasons, the anticipation of warmer weather and extra to-do’s may be building some excitement and anxiety. I encourage you to read Pastor Blake’s last article in the April Newsletter about being too busy – surely you have an extra minute or two to check it out.
Note the aspect of prayer as mentioned as a way to sit at the feet of Jesus.
I admit it is convicting to acknowledge my prayer life suffers as the schedule fills up. Yet, prayer is a main value we at ACEFC hold in high esteem:
We believe that daily prayer is essential in the life of a believer and as such we pray with expectancy knowing that God is actively involved in our world. (Colossians 4:2 – Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving. ESV)
We’re also familiar with Paul’s charge to pray without ceasing, so how can we keep our priority of prayer? Beyond the foundational importance of recognizing it is how we communicate with the God of the universe and brings Him near to us, establishing consistent prayer times and practices can help ensure we stay connected with Him.
Some intentional, practical triggers to help remind us to pray or be more consistent:
Prayer lists – Create a physical, written list of prayer ideas: thank you’s, repentances, petitions, requests (yours and others). When’s the last time you’ve asked your spouse, children, or parents “How can I pray for you?”
Parking lot prayers – Anytime you park your car, anywhere, pray. A great way to prepare yourself for what He may have for you before you embark at work, church, school, errands, returning home, etc. (Idea courtesy of a friend who uses this technique before each day at a stressful job).
Before eating/drinking – anything. Do you give thanks for the coffee as much as the dinner? How about the late-night snack or hurried lunch?
Don’t say Amen – This one’s difficult as the prayer may not seem to end, but that’s the point! Although it’s an appropriate concluding affirmation/request, it’s okay to let the Lord know what’s on your heart and ask that he shares His will as you seek to speak with Him again soon. Even indicating the next time you intend to enter the throne room may help you seek Him more earnestly.
A great gift from consistent prayer will be an increase in patience. Yet it takes patience to pray, so where to start? You may just need to pray for patience…
You’ll experience many other great fruits as well – I encourage you to refresh your memory with the lyrics/histories of Sweet Hour of Prayer and What a Friend We Have in Jesus.
If you have a prayer request, please share with us here: Appleton Community Evangelical Free Church
Praying for ACEFC in Him,

Marshall Legg

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