January 2022 Mission of the Month

Hardship of COVID Brings Innovation 

What are you thankful for this season? Even though the world is still struggling with the effects of the COVID pandemic, our ministry partners with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit have used the JESUS Film creatively. The gospel is like beams of light shinning in the darkness. Let’s celebrate together. 

Praise God in 2020, our partners broadcasted the JESUS Film over TV and radio to 100 million plus people who watched and listened in their own homes. Gypsy women gave their lives to Christ after watching Magdalena. These ladies started using Rivka and Walking with Jesus as follow up discipleship tools. 

In Egypt, 700 people from 87 different churches being trained with JESUS Film resources went out that day to practice using the JESUS Film app. In Guatemala, high school students meet weekly to study the Bible using the 61 segments of the JESUS film. In Uganda, at a digital training conference, the director of the largest media house and the chief editor of a newspaper was in attendance learning how they could share Christ digitally. 

In Myanmar, 31 trainers equipped 4,400 church planters to show them how they could reach every village in their country. In Poland, believers were trained to share JESUS Film content through Facebook Messenger. We saw 37 countries air Magdalena for the International Women’s Day with over 100 million views. People in East Asia used the JESUS Film app while handing out masks and hand sanitizer. The monks asked the workers why they were risking being out in public. They answered, “It is because the God of love, Jesus Christ has sent us.” 

In South East Africa, the Hope Project, 400 trainers taught 40,000 church lay volunteers and digital users saw 4.7 million people trust Christ with over 100,000 people going through follow up. Also 1,500 small groups have been started and 1,000 churches planted and 59,000 people trained to continue sharing the gospel digitally. 

In the Philippines, SLM trained 204 staff on a 10 day outreach to raise up trained disciples on 15 different campuses. One month later, the 204 leaders had an outreach of a goal to reach up to 10,000 additional leaders. This was all done virtually. 

We had our first JESUS Film premiere shown virtually through Facebook to an unreached people group who speak the Gaddang language in the Philippines! Praise the LORD!!! 

What are you thankful for? 

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