September 2021 Growing God’s Way

What’s Happening in Growing God’s Way

When we started meeting after Covid, things looked a little different. We met as a large group with the children after worship. This seemed to work well, children were learning and engaging in the lessons. As fall approaches, we will continue to meet this way.  Ages 4yr-5th grade will meet as one large group in the Evergreens Room.  Younger children will also attend worship with their parents and check in at the Sprouts Counter after worship. Currently we are not using the Lil’ Sprouts Room on Sunday mornings since many of the younger children are potty training and the Sprouts Room has a toilet. We will reevaluate room usage in December. 

Ages 4yr.-5th grade will start the fall learning about Paul.

Younger children will start the fall learning about Creation.

September 12 is Bible Sunday.  We will be celebrating children entering Kindergarten and 6th grade with a Bible. Just to be sure we don’t miss any children please let me know if your child is in Kindergarten or 6th grade.

A sweet memory I have with my son is I would pray with him every morning before he went to school. As he approached his teen years, he wasn’t always willing to take the time…But it was way too important to me. What better way to send your kids off to school, cover them in prayer!

I’m praying all children will have an awesome school year and stand  firm in their faith. 

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