Growing God’s Way Ministries

It has been a blessing serving in Children’s Ministry and seeing the smiling faces on Sunday mornings. In April we will focus on the real meaning of Easter and finish the month with a review of The Fruit of the Spirit.
It has been a joy seeing and hearing how much the children are growing spiritually. Last week we talked about
self-control and many of the children gave examples of times they lacked self-control and stories of when they had self-control. I even shard a few stories about myself. It was a good reminder to them that, yes, even adults need to ask God for help…we all do! I love how real and honest they are with their answers and questions. The relationships that are forming are such a sweet blessing.
Lil’ Sprouts: will learn about Easter and Celebrate that God made
the Flowers and Trees. The little ones will look at pictures of
Flowers and Trees and thank God for making them. Reinforce God
made everything!

Praying you all have a blessed Easter, He has Risen

TRUSTING GOD (Proverbs 3:5-6)
Prayer for parents to pray: Lord, I pray that my child(ren)
would trust you always. I pray that they would follow
you alone and seek you for their wisdom, peace, and strength

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