January 2021 Mission of the Month—Augsburgers

Telling Every Nation Tribe and Language—Serving with The JESUS Film Project

Children’s Creole French
This month we made 1,000 DVD’s to be used in Haiti. Pray that Vodooism would lose its hold on this country and that the Good News of Jesus Christ would prevail as God’s word on film is spoken in their heart language.

One of Those Weeks
Did you ever have one of those weeks where everything seems to go wrong? A few days ago I was riding my bicycle for exercise and enjoying the outdoors. As I was riding down the bike trail, I looked left and then looked forward again. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a metal railing and I knew I was going down! My handlebar caught the railing and sent me flying. I remember my face bouncing off the asphalt and rolling over onto my back. Staring into the sky I prayed to the Lord, “let me live so I can see my family again.” The wind had been knocked out of me and I was unable to get up. When I could finally stand up, I slid the helmet off my head, straightened my handle bars and started walking my bike down the path. A man asked me if I was ok and I asked to use his cell phone to call my wife. I told him if I died that day, I was 100% going to heaven. I asked him, what about you? Praise the Lord I did not get a concussion. Praise the Lord I did not break any bones. I just have road rash on my head, shoulder, elbow, wrist and knees on the entire left side of my body.
Thank you Father for letting me live and see my family again!

Prayer Requests
We finally are cooling down after a very active hurricane season. Please continue to pray for Nicola to get a job. To date (Nov. 2) there have been 29 tropical depressions, of which 28 became tropical storms. Twelve became hurricanes, including four major hurricanes. The most recent storm is Hurricane Eta, the seventh letter of the Greek Alphabet (which is used when the list of names designated for the season is finished). This is the first time that the name Eta has been used. 2020 is now tied with 2005 for the most number of storms in a season. Thanks for praying for our family and the new languages this month.

Pray that many will receive Christ through God’s word on film.
Bryan and Julie

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