August 2019 Children’s Ministry Updates

Growing God's Way Children's Ministry at Appleton Community Evangelical Free Church

What’s Happening in Growing God’s Way Children’s and Youth Ministries:

Food for Thought:

It’s not behavior modification, it’s a heart transformation. Don’t get me wrong, we want children to obey. But most importantly we want their hearts transformed by the love of Christ. We want them to know and have a desire for a Savior, and once they have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, to grow in their relationship with him. This should be our main focus. 

Lil’ Sprouts: Thank you, God, for Music. The little ones will enjoy listening and dancing to music. And using shakers to make their own music.

Sprouts: This month the Sprouts will continue learning about David, King Saul, and Jonah. They will learn about the importance of obeying God’s Word. 

K-5 Evergreens: The Evergreens will continue using the Gospel Project. This month they will be in 1 Samuel learning about David. 

Y.A.M’s: The youth are off for the summer, but they are being challenged to read and study the book of Mark. NEW NIGHT for Youth Group: each Sunday from 6-8pm starting September 15!

VBS, August 12-15, 6-7:30. Registration required. 

SUMMER BIBLE CHALLENGE! It’s not too late to do the 39 Day Bible Challenge. Once the challenge is completed, return form with parents initials to Lisa. 

Special Invite:

Who: 3rd-12th grade

What: to hang out with me at church

When: any Thursday in the summer (1-3hrs.)

Why: to get to know you better

Do: have lunch, talk, help with projects


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