August 2019 Missionary of the Month

Abigail Shansky

Destino, the Hispanic ministry of Cru, was born out of a dream that Latinos could have a fun and energetic environment that would come together to celebrate the love of Jesus Christ without sacrificing the unique expression of our cultural heritage.

The world’s a challenging place. Let alone the BIG world out there! Poverty. Disease. War. Addiction. Divorce. Injustice and heartache all around. While a lot of people want to change the world, sometimes it’s hard enough simply to manage, let alone change, your own life!

We think Jesus knew what He was talking about when He said, “Apart from Me you can do nothing.” We’ve discovered that He’s the sure source for hope, change and power. Destino is a movement of college students who want to change the world…one life at a time…with the only One who can do it.

¿Quieres conocer a Dios? The mission of Destino in Minneapolis is to journey with students and faculty to     follow Jesus and fulfill their God-given destiny. We are building a familia—a place to call home at U of M.

I am amazed by our God, Amen?? In light of a couple months of intense workload, I have been grateful to see God’s faithfulness through it all. He has opened doors for new students to come on the scene, and for older students to take on ownership of being a disciple who makes disciples. I am immensely encouraged by the faith steps these students are taking, and it has been a privilege to be a part of challenging them and watching.

I have seen God already open door after door to make it possible for a team of 15 team to go back to North Africa/The Med, and I eagerly anticipate what He has prepared for us ahead as we head into the country. Due to the nature of this being a closed country for mission work (meaning it is illegal to try to evangelize in this country), and due to the fact that we want to invest as much time as we can in the mission, I will not be able to provide updates to all of you throughout the month or communicate with you, and will also be deactivating my social media. But I will certainly share all the updates as soon as I get back end so stay tuned.

 Prayer Requests

· Pray for this summer to be fruitful for growth for our students. And that God prepares their hearts and   incoming students for what he has planned for in the Fall.

· Pray that this mission trip would serve as a launching pad for furthering God’s kingdom work in this country and in the lives of the staff and students going. Pray that this helps us all see God more clearly, and that we would fall more and more deeply in love with Him and that it has a lasting impact on the rest of our lives serving Christ. (Colossians 2:6-7, Ephesians 3:17-19)

I cannot WAIT to report back to you all that the Lord does. I know so much will be happening here in the US while I am gone, so I look forward to ehearing how God moves in your lives. Please pray, please share how I can pray for you, and let us continue to make the good news of Jesus Christ known to the world!

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