Month: August 2019

September Reflections from Pastor Greg

Gaining Perspective From A Trustworthy Source Do you ever hear or see things that make you shake you head and wonder … ? Without suggesting any personal agenda or particular viewpoint, I’d like to introduce where I’m going with this article by admitting that it’s becoming more (and more) difficult to find trustworthy resources that …

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September Elder’s Report

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under Heaven.” —Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV Change. Some desperately want it; others stay away from it. Companies say they will never survive unless they adapt to it, while I imagine most of us would simply like to find a little more of it under …

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September Church Library Update

Yon Abel and her team have been hard at work reorganizing and updating our church library. Many new books have been added. Be sure to take a look. If you like Christian political drama fiction, check out our collection by Joel Rosenberg.  More classic Christian authors have been added to our spiritual growth section, including …

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New chairs

We need to replace the chairs in the Worship Area. The current chairs have served us well since the building was built 30+ years ago. Some of them are starting to show their age and are in need of repair or replacement. The welds are starting to break and we have replaced the plastic parts …

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September Missionary of the Month

Our team’s goal is to give every college student in the state of Nebraska the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.  We are centrally located in Lincoln and branch out to all of the campuses in the state.  Some campuses we coach from a distance others we visit on a weekly basis.  My …

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September Missions Update

There will be a fall trip to the Lac Courtes Oreilles Indian Reservation October 18-20. A group will leave about 1:00 pm and another will follow at about 4:00 on Friday. We will return home late Sunday afternoon. We will be doing various serving projects on Saturday. If you would like to join us please …

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September Men’s Breakfast

Meet us on Saturday, Sept. 7 at the Grand Chute Golden Corral for our September Men’s Breakfast. The doors open at 7:30 and we usually wrap up by 9 am. The cost is $8.49 plus tip. Hope to see you there soon! Please contact Marv Schauland for more information.

August 2019 Awana Update

Awana is just around the corner!  Ok, not that close around the corner- you still have some summer left, BUT your some of your Awana leaders have already been gathering to prepare for another great year of club.   We are SO excited about some new things we are going to implement to make club even …

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August 2019 Reflections from Pastor Greg

A Word to the Wise … Weighing Our Words Carefully  Words matter! Normally words are intended to say and mean something specific—they present ideas and put thoughts into our minds. Words can be misunderstood and the old saying, “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never harm/hurt me,” isn’t accurate—it’s often false …

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